Shooter Still On Loose, Police Chief Asks For Public's Help

Police Chief Video

NEW BERN - Police are still searching for the man who shot two employees at the Dollar General in New Bern Tuesday. New Bern's Police Chief is asking for the public's help in the search.

"I have sensed the community is outraged at this, as they rightly should be," New Bern Police Chief Toussaint E. Summers Jr. said. "The fact they're our eyes and our ears and they're calling in with information, I think the chances (of finding him) are good."

Police originally released a picture and description of the man's car and clothing. The chief acknowledges those factors are now old, but is hoping the information will still help identify the man.

"I think the more we keep it in the public and the more people are exposed to it something might click in their mind and they might be able to provide us some important information," Summers said.

Summers said there is no direct threat to any other stores in the area. He said it's very possible the robbery was a random act.

Police have extra crews patrolling the surrounding areas. Other law enforcement agencies are also assisting in the search.

Chris Phillips, a clerk who was shot in the store, is out of the hospital, according to Vidant Medical Center. The other victim, Dante Dillahunt, is listed in "good" condition at the hospital.

The Dollar General reopened Thursday after being closed since Tuesday.

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