Sheriff: Onslow woman steals $4,000 from high school band club

Sheriff: Onslow woman steals $4,000 from high school band club

SNEADS FERRY, ONSLOW COUNY - An Onslow County woman had her first appearance in court after deputies say she stole thousands of dollars from an organization that raises money a local school program.

The Sheriff's Office has charged Lisa Derosa, 36, with stealing more than $4,000 from the Dixon Band Fans, an organization independent of Dixon High School that supports the band program.

Warrants show this happened sometime around the end of December. Deputies say Derosa, vice president of the club, used the group's credit card to shop at Walmart and other retail stores and take money from ATMs.

"I'm sorry," Derosa told NewsChannel 12. "I'm really sorry. Just like anybody else, we fell on hard times. In my mind as I was borrowing it, I had every intention and still have every intention of repaying it."

While Derosa is out of jail with a $25,000 bond, Band Fans President Paula Millsaps is still in "complete shock," Millsaps said. "She was a very involved parent. She had become a good friend of mine over the time, and still is a friend of mine. She just made a horrible mistake, and bad choices."

Millsaps is now looking for ways to help the club rebuild.

"Now, it's time to plan for next year's season and competitions and the marching show and buying drills and buying music and new instruments," Millsaps said.

Derosa says she's already making payments back to the club, so band students can continue to do what they love.

"That's what their whole life is, is playing music and performing and making other people happy, and they do a really good job at it," Millsaps said. "They've worked really hard."

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