Sheriff: Meth Lab Busted In Potters Hill

POTTERS HILL - What was allegedly cooking inside a Duplin County home lands three people in jail. Deputies say they busted a meth lab in the Potters Hill community.

Sheriff Blake Wallace says inside the four walls of 105 Oak Lane, meth was cooking. Then on Thursday afternoon they got the search warrants to put a stop to it. Inside the home, Sheriff Wallace says they found meth and the ingredients to make meth. They also arrested the homeowner, Charles Quinn, along with Christopher Lanier and Patricia Swinson who were inside the home.

The three suspects were arrested without any problem, but meth labs tend to be an issue in rural counties and Sheriff Wallace gave ways to know if they are in your neighborhood.

Look for an increase in traffic around the home, burn piles of the chemicals outback, in the trash you will see the blister packs of cold medicine and you might smell the scent of ammonia hanging around the home.

"One of those elements alone doesn't necessarily say there is a meth lab, but if you combine all those elements there is probably a good chance there is something going on there," says Sheriff Wallace.

A neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous for her own safety says she thought something illegal was going on in the home for nearly two years and she had been waiting for the day deputies put a stop to it.

"There is nothing that we(neighbors) can do except put the word out that there are things going on that shouldn't be going on," says the woman.

Now Quinn, Lanier and Swinson are facing a slew of drug charges and Quinn will have to repay Duplin County for the cost of cleaning up the suspected meth lab.

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