Sheriff: Greene County man shot in face during attempted larceny

Sheriff: Greene County man shot in face during attempted larceny

GREENE COUNTY - A Greene County man was shot in the face during an attempted larceny early Friday  morning, investigators said.

Greene County Sheriff Lemmie Smith told NewsChannel 12 that 58-year-old Aquilla Blount was shot at about 3 a.m. Friday at his home on Apple Tree Road, south of Stantonsburg.

Sheriff Smith said it all started when Blount heard a noise coming from an outdoor storage building on his property. Blount then stuck his head out the back door and was shot in the side of the face.

The sheriff believes the shooter used a shotgun to shoot Blount. The shooter was then able to escape from the scene.

Blount was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Family members said Blount is expected to recover. "It is a scary feeling, you know, when somebody gets shot. I've been to war and I've never been shot," said Blount's brother in-law Bobby Williams.

Family members were home during the shooting, but they were not hurt, said Sheriff Smith.

Friends say this is not the first time Blount has been assaulted at his home. "This makes about three times that it happened to him, though, you know what I mean? People comin' in or what not, I don't know why they think he got money 'cause he 'aint got no car or nothing. He's saving just like us," said Charles Phelps.

The sheriff has labeled this incident as a case of attempted larceny. He said nobody saw the shooter, therefore it is unknown how many people are responsible, no description, no idea which way the person/people escaped and no suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Greene County Sheriff's Office at 252-747-3411.

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