Sheriff: Eight women arrested in prescription pill bust

Prescription pill bust

KENANSVILLE, DUPLIN COUNTY - A group of eight women are charged with prescription pill trafficking.  The Duplin County Sheriff announced the details Wednesday, following a year-long investigation.

Duplin County deputies pulled over three women near Highway 41 and inside the car, deputies found 465 prescription pills.  Kristie Walker, and Lectrice Wooten were arrested at the scene.  Duplin County Sheriff Blake Wallace says this sparked a bigger investigation.

"It had only been ongoing for two weeks when we made the first arrest. Just in two weeks, they had already gotten 2,000 pills and we were able to keep those pills out of the hands of young people," said Sheriff Wallace.

Sheriff Wallace says Sarah Boone created fake prescriptions to get and traffic pills such as Adderall and Percocet.  He says Sarah Boone was arrested at her house two days after the traffic stop when the search warrant was executed. Deputies say they found pills, fake prescriptions and the computer used to make those prescriptions at Boone's home. Boone and seven other women allegedly used these prescriptions at local drug stores like Walgreen's and Scotties Drug Store near Wallace.

Winfield Smith, owner of a barber shop near Scotties Drug Store, says the store may have targeted because the owners had older equipment.  "They were some of the nicest people in the area. They always checked on us, we'd check on them - great business relationship. Just to think they were taken advantage of makes me feel kind of bad."

Deputies say nearly 2,000 pills were obtained through fake prescriptions.  If sold, those pills could have gone for a street value of almost $20,000.

Sheriff Wallace says three of the women are still in jail and awaiting their court dates.

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