Sheriff: Deputy under investigation after adultery allegations

Craven County Sheriff Jerry Monette confirmed one of his deputies was being investigated for adultery allegations, disclosed in a divorce filing.

The deputy, who NewsChannel 12 chose not to identify, was accused of engaging in a relationship with a woman who was facing arson charges in Craven County.  The filing alleged that the deputy was also the woman's arresting deputy.

The paperwork was filed by the woman's estranged husband, a former employee of the Craven County Sheriff's Department.

When speaking to Sheriff Monette about the investigation, he said the unidentified deputy has not been suspended or put on desk duty, and there was no evidence to support the impropriety. 

Due to the details given to NewsChannel 12 about the investigation, the decision had been made to keep the accused deputy's identity withheld, until formal charges or more developments arise in the investigation.

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