Shark bites New Bern native near Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NEW HANOVER COUNTY - A New Bern man says a shark bit his stepson while he was surfing.

Bruce Wise posted on his Facebook page that his stepson, 29-year-old Hunter Anderson, was surfing off Figure Eight Island near Wilmington Tuesday when he "got into a wrestling match with a shark."

Wise posted that Anderson got stitches on his left hand and is doing fine. The above photo was taken by Anderson's friend, Austin Ray.

(CLICK HERE to view more photos of Hunter's injuries WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Anderson, who grew up in New Bern, has lived near the coast all his life and is an accomplished surfer, according to Wise. But this was the first time he was bitten by a shark.

It's unknown what kind of shark bit Anderson's hand.

Meanwhile, in another shark-related story, non-profit research organization OCEARCH is tracking a 425-pound tiger shark off the North Carolina coast.

(CLICK HERE: More photos of "Fritz" from OCEARCH.)

Nicknamed "Fritz," the adult maleĀ  tiger shark measures 10-foot-4 and was tagged on May 8 at Port Royal Sound, S.C., according to OCEARCH's tracking map. As of July 28, Fritz was near Cape Lookout, N.C.

(CLICK HERE to view Fritz's profile on

OCEARCH says Fritz was named in honor of former U.S. Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, a champion of natural resources conservation in South Carolina. He also pushed for the protection of ocean resources.

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