Shakeup in Plymouth's town management

PLYMOUTH - A Plymouth town manager is no longer on the job. Kenneth A. Creque resigned on Thursday after a special session of town council.

The town has now listed an interim director, Joanne Floyd. Floyd normally serves as the finance officer.

In a letter to the town council, Creque defends the purchase of a $75,000 street sweeper. The sweeper is budgeted in the 2012/2013 budget. However, in Creque's letter he takes blame for a purchase order submitted by town staff to visit a sweeper vendor. He said it is his fault he did not clarify what a purchase order is. Creque says in North Carolina "a purchase order generally carries the same weight as a signed contract."

In the final paragraph of the letter, Creque said if the council does not think he acted in the best interest of the town, he will resign immediately. NewsChannel 12 also obtained a copy of Creque's resignation.

Some people working for the public works department say there is no street sweeper on the way.

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