Sexual Assaults Under Investigation

0713 Greenville Crime Alert Video

GREENVILLE - Detectives from the Greenville Police Department are investigating reports of a suspicious man who is preying on intoxicated college-aged women, and committing sexual assaults against them.

Police announced the incidents a day after crime statistics revealed Greenville's overall 2011 crime in 2011 decreased 17 percent from 2010 levels. However, more serious crimes including murder, rape and robbery all increased last year.

In at least two separate cases, women reported that they met a man who offered to walk them home safely, and then sexually assaulted them. One the women was assaulted in her home, the other one was assaulted behind a building on E. 4th Street.

The first incident occurred on March 20, 2012. The second incident took place on July 1, 2012. In both cases, the suspect description and suspect M.O. were the same: Both women describe the man as a black male with dreadlocks, very neatly dressed. The man told both women he would walk them home to make certain they got home safely.

Detectives are concerned there may be other incidents of sexual assaults by this suspect, which have not yet been reported.

The Greenville Police Department advises everyone against at-risk behaviors such as binge drinking, and against walking home alone after having consumed alcohol. The Department further advises women to be cautious of strangers who may offer them safe passage home late at night.

Any person who may have information about this suspect, or any person who may have experienced a similar assault, is asked to contact Detective Corporal Lori Cleary of the Greenville Police Department's Special Victims Unit, at 252-329-4157.

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