Seven arrested during illegal club bust in Duplin County

Seven arrested during illegal club bust in Duplin County

BEULAVILLE, DUPLIN COUNTY - Duplin County deputies busted Cotton's social club in Beulaville, after reports of illegal activity.

The Duplin County Sheriff's office and the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency conducted an investigation after authorities received several complaints from neighborhood residents. These complaints were for loud music, the sale of alcohol and moonshine, and drug deals in the parking lot the of club, say deputies.

On January 24, at 11:30 p.m., deputies conducted the search warrant and arrested the club operator, Joshua Ganus. Ganus was charged with unauthorized possession of spirituous liquor, possession of non-tax paid liquor, sale of alcohol without a permit and possession for sale of alcohol without a permit.

Authorities say during the search, several items were confiscated, including several types of beer and liquor, including moonshine.

Neighbors say Ganus was renting out the property from the owner who lives next to the club. When the owner was asked about the recent incident, he claimed to know nothing about it.

During the night of the bust, six others were arrested at Cotton's for various violations, from outstanding warrants to drug possession.

Neighbors who live in the area say the club won't be missed.

"Well when a lot of people get together they act crazy," said one neighbor. "They be to many people over here, and I have nieces and nephews."

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