Service interruption for DISH Network viewers

WCTI NewsChannel 12, FOX Eastern Carolina and DISH Network are currently in good faith negotiations to reinstate carriage of NewsChannel 12 and FOX Eastern Carolina programming on DISH Network in a fair and timely manner.

  • The amount we are asking from DISH is just a few pennies per subscriber per day.
  • Our need for compensation is largely driven by increasing costs placed upon us by the television networks.
  • Most other cable and satellite companies recognize that our request is justified and are already paying us a similar amount.
  • The amount we have asked DISH to compensate us is less than 20 percent of what they are paying ESPN.

You can still watch your favorite NewsChannel 12, ABC and FOX Eastern Carolina programs over the air with an antenna or through another provider until an agreement is reached.

For more information on other cable/satellite providers in your area, please visit,, or

Thank you DISH network subscribers for your patience until this matter is resolved.

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