Senior living facility in Morehead city is closing

More than two dozen residents have to move

Senior living facility in Morehead city is closing

MOREHEAD, CARTERET COUNTY - A senior living facility in Carteret County is closing its doors Friday. Officials with Harborview Enterprises said Harborview Towers is shutting down, because they can no longer afford to stay open.

Letters went out on July 19, to current and former residents, letting them know its doors would be closing August 30. This gave residents a little more than a month and a half to move.

 Aside from moving out, some residents are concerned about losing money. Several civil lawsuits have been filed in Carteret County against Harborview Enterprises over their occupancy fees not being repaid.

Douglas Brown, whose mother lives at the towers, said the situation is frustrating.

"It shouldn't happen to anybody, and it definitely shouldn't happen to a wonderful group of elderly people. Many of them invested their savings here, and it looks like they are going to lose it all plus have to move," Douglas said.

He said under the terms of contract most residents are entitled to 80% of the occupancy fees. Douglas said these fees can range from $100,000 dollars or more.

"To me if you are in that kind of business that you are taking deposits and you know you have to return those, they have to be in a separate account," Douglas said.

However, at least one of the more than 24 residents isn't leaving without a fight. Connie Brown is 102 years old, and planning on staying at Harborview Towers until she figures it out.

"It's not a good feeling," Connie said.

The Browns have a lawyer and said they are trying to fight the situation or at least come up with a reasonable solution.

"Your deposit is like buying your condominium. She has not been bought out and feel that's the only reason to move," Douglas said.

Previously, the president of Harbor View Enterprises, John "Ron" Jernigan released a statement that said, "Both Harborview Enterprises and the Jernigan family are saddened by the economic events that have created the current situation. The company, and the Jernigans have worked for many years to make Harborview Towers a place that is loved and cherished by its residents and their families."

Noelle Talley, a spokesman for the N.C. Justice Department, said they are undergoing an investigation through the Consumer Protection Division office.

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