Sen. Kay Hagan talks about looming sequestration

kay hagan interview

NORTH CAROLINA - U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), talks exclusively to NewsChannel 12 about her concerns for the sequestration, a set of federal budget cuts totaling $85 billion, scheduled to kick in on Friday unless an agreement is reached.

The cuts could affect almost 25,000 civilian defense workers in North Carolina.

"Not only the harm it's going to have to individual civilians, but to the small businesses that they support- the grocery stores, the dry cleaner,  the gas stations, the local restaurant," said Sen. Hagan. "Many places in North Carolina are just getting back on their feet in this economy. This is not what we need to be doing now."

The U.S. Senate blocked a pair of competing bills Thursday, that would prevent the sequestration from taking place.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry announced on the same day that the U.S. will provide $60 million in aid to the Syrian opposition.

President Obama plans to meet with Congressional Leaders on Friday, to discuss the looming budget cuts.

"Well, obviously, the cuts need to be made in places," Sen. Hagan said. "But I think a better way to focus issues like that is for us to take a detailed look at these items and look at where these cuts could be made at a much more effective manner."

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