Seeds Ministry helps rebuild church steeple and community

Saint John Missionary Baptist church in New Bern is the community's third oldest church.

"Saint John was founded in 1865 by a group of people coming over from the James city area" said Pastor John Pierce.

With more than 180 members, the church building has served its members for 88 years, until now.

When hurricane Irene came through much of New Bern was hit hard, including Saint Johns.

The steeple started to lean with the winds and with this year's snow and ice storm, it started to crack and needed to be taken down.

Since early March, the steeple and the bell have sat on the ground. Contractors are already at work on the project, but are in need of help.

The Seeds Ministry is not a church, but a Christ centered ministry that seeks to raise awareness and help those in the community.

The group is partnering with others around the area to raise $60,000 to complete this rebuilding process.

To do this, the group will be walking around the neighborhood near Saint John's the week of August 4th through the 8th,  from 5 until 8pm picking up trash, mowing people's lawns and asking for donations.

"We do need volunteers to come out, we are going to have our youth involved, they're going to decorate flower plots, they're going to look across the street to the elderly and say can we brighten your day, can we bring a smile to your face", said Sabrina Bengel.

Once the project is completed, the group said they won't stop there; their goal is to reach out to the community and make New Bern a better place to live.

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