Students and staff at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City are getting down and dirty planting oyster shells and marsh grass in their backyard. Organizers say this new natural shoreline isn't just for fish.

It is all part of a carbon sequestration initiative that University of North Carolina is doing.

"We're planting marsh grass out here and the real purpose is to try and trap carbon because the University of North Carolina wants to offset their emissions from all their vehicles and things like that," says Tony Rodriguez, project manager and Associate Professor at UNC I.M.S.

The object of the new shoreline is to trap carbon naturally out of the ocean and air - but it will take a while.

"So it's going to take many decades before the marsh actually grows up enough that it will sequester,"says Rodriguez.

To finish the shoreline, I.M.S is using money received from a $20,000 grant.