This school year will be the last year-round schedule for three Craven County Schools.

Officials in Craven County School System are pushing for a modified calendar in the General Assembly and to have control over their own education calendars in the future.

The school system currently works on three different calendars year-round, modified and traditional. But after this year, schools like Arthur Edwards Elementary, Havelock Elementary and Tucker Creek Middle School will switch to the traditional calendar. 

Samantha Dayton has a 1st grader at Arthur Edwards Elementary.

"We’re one of the last ones in the county that are year around. Being military I think this is one of the most important schools backed up here to the military gate,” she said.

Dayton said the year-round calendar works better for the students because they are able to better retain what they've learn.

"No matter where we get shipped to because my daughter went to school here and the year-round education she should be on par or above," Dayton explained.

With a year-round schedule classes start in July and continue through June with four breaks of at least three-weeks each. In a traditional calendar classes start in late august and continue until mid-June, with the usual winter and spring breaks.

Principal Angela Franks of Tucker Creek Middle School said it's the change she's been hoping for.

"I’m truly excited about it because it is what's best for all students and entire Craven County will be more consistent because we are on one schedule,” she explained. "We only get three weeks in the summer to prepare for the new school year. A lot of parents are on vacation when we start school so they might not show up for two to three weeks after we already started school."

Franks said what she really wants to see happen is a modified calendar for all schools. She said with that calendar classes start in early August, with the first semester ending before the Christmas holiday and then end of the year in late May.

"I think it's going to be a transition for the ones use to year around but change is never easy," she said.