School system sees issues with budget plan

CRAVEN COUNTY - The Craven County school system is speaking out against the governor's plan to increase teacher pay, because that increase comes with the reduction of other positions.

The proposed budget calls for a $2.25 million dollar cut for teacher assistants. School officials said this would harm the learning experience for students. Plus, most teacher assistants are also bus drivers for the district. That raises the question of who will drive students to and from school.

According to the school system, the budget plan also projects the district would lose eight teacher positions. That would increase the number of students per teacher.

Transportation services could also face cuts to make up the difference. The district could lose drivers or the number of spare buses available in case of emergency.

The cuts could also force the district to maintain buses for longer periods of time. The state already requires the buses to be kept for 20 years or 200,000 miles.

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