School officials talk gun control at vigil

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Swansboro - One local school continues to empathize with the families affected by the Connecticut shooting.


The small group even talked about one of the most controversial subjects recently, gun control.

 Swansboro elementary may be almost 700 miles away from the Sandy Hook community, but the pain and search for understanding that lingers there could be felt among the many who took time out to honor victims.

The principal of Swansboro Elementary School in Onslow County led a candlelight vigil Monday night at the school.

Student, parents, and staff all united to sing Silent Night as they reflected on the tragedy.

 "It's very difficult to fathom that such an act of evil could take away so much," said 5th grade teacher Mary Brooks."God is going us through, no matter what."

 While the group managed through the stormy weather, another storm began to brew on the web. A New Bern woman created a petition on hoping it will eventually allow trained federal and state school administrators and select teachers to carry weapons on school grounds in case of an emergency. So far 32 people have signed it.

 Principal Lisa Peele says she has reservations about the idea.

 "I could never imagine," said Peele. "To think that guns go in to our schools and kill innocent children and then we say well lets allow our teachers to carry guns. I don't even think they would like that idea."

 While America continues to debate gun safety laws, mental health issues, and teachers packing heat... Peele says talk is cheap and that children need love.

 "It doesn't take i believe she believes he believes what are you doing you can talk all you want. What are you doing what are you doing. To make a difference," said Peele.

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