School fears proposed tolls

ARAPAHOE - Proposed ferry tolls set to take effect July 1st are causing concern for those working at Arapahoe Charter School.

One bus from ACS traverses the Minnesott-Cherry Branch ferry Monday through Friday during the school year.

Currently the ferry is free. However, proposed tolls would change that.

Cars crossing the ferry will have to pay $4.00. Larger vehicles, like school buses will have to pay $8.00. Passengers in any vehicle will be $1.00 per person.

The bus that uses the Minnesott-Cherry Branch ferry carries 40 students to ACS. The school bus could be charged for every child who is over 12 years old. ACS administration worry those tolls could add up and the extra money could keep parents from enrolling their kids.

"Parents already have to make some tough decisions to get their child here," Chris Watson, Business Director for ACS, said. "Even though we are a public school just as any other public school, we know this would be a factor in their decision making process."

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