School board urges Congress to stop proposed budget cuts

School board urges Congress to stop proposed budget cuts

NEW BERN - The Craven County school board is urging Congress to stop proposed budget cuts.

The board passed a resolution against a proposed 8.3% cut to federal education programs next year. If passed, the board said the budget cuts would have a detrimental impact on its school district.

"We have dealt with this on the state level and we really feel like through that process we reduced as much as we possibly can without having to lay folks off," David Clifton, the district's assistant superintendent for financial services, said.

Clifton said the cuts would force the district to cut 25 teacher positions. It would also mean larger classroom sizes, less extracurricular activities, and fewer class options.

"Any time you make budget reductions, it has an adverse effect on students," Clifton said.

"Teachers just won't be able to get around and do the things that we need to do to teach our kids," Lindsy Charboneu, a teacher at H.J. MacDonald Middle School, said.

Charboneu said her classroom is already lacking things like supplies because of state budget cuts in the past.

"It makes it very difficult to work with projects with our students because we don't have the supplies they need."

Congress and the White House have 28 days before the fiscal cliff deadline.

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