School attempts guinness world record

Attempt at world record

School attempts guinness world record

A large group of students and residents showed up at Carolina Forest Elementary school in Jacksonville Friday, in an attempt to break a Guinness world record for number of people forming a human ribbon.


It's all in tribute to military family month and honors those military families throughout the community, including those that have children at the school.


This is the schools third attempt at trying to break the Guinness record.

The first time they tried, only coming 200 short.

The current record is just over 67,00 people, and with a good try, the school came up short.


"Each year the number keeps getting higher and higher, so this will be a challenge this year" Said Helen Gross, Principal of Carolina Forest Elementary School. "We had 1,375 participants, so a little short but our students had a great time trying and we will be back again next year".


After the ribbon was formed, the school held a reception and small ceremony for the military families.

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