Scam wipes out family bank account

Scam wipes out family bank account

SWANSBORO, ONSLOW COUNTY - An Onslow County man finally lands a job; only to find out it's an internet scam and his bank account is completely wiped out.

Blake Hackett told NewsChannel 12 that he had been unemployed since leaving the Marine Corps in December. Hackett said he sent out more than forty applications to anyone that was hiring. When he finally got an online interview with Ukraine based company Advance Medical Solutions in April, he said he was ecstatic.

"It was about a forty five minute interview," said Hackett. "They asked me questions that any professional jobs would ask you."

Hackett said within weeks of starting his so called training, his much needed job from home turned into his worst nightmare.

"They told me they were going to send me a check for $1095," said Hackett. "So I could deposit it into my account. And once it cleared, then I would have to pull it out [and] money gram it to the retailer to purchase materials.

Hackett said he made the mistake twice, when the company sent another check for $3500.

"I find out I'm fifty three hundred and some odd dollars negative in my account. And I called the bank and I'm like what happened. The checks bounced, they're fraud," said Hackett. "My heart stopped, I wanted to cry. With all my stuff I have to take care of my five month old so my wife my payment i just felt like an idiot i feel so embarrassed right now."

Hackett said he found out the bank closed his account on Thursday.

"It really does hurt to have it done to you," said Hackett." So I just want to help people learn that they need to watch out for things like this, so it doesn't happen to them."

Hackett said he filed a police report with the Swansboro Police Department on Friday. He hopes that the FBI will get involved.

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