Safe boating for Memorial Day Weekend

Safe boating for Memorial Day Weekend

MOREHEAD CITY, CARTERET COUNTY - Memorial Day Weekend brings out the people who like to get on the water.  Before, you hit the high seas, the owner of TowBoat U.S., Lee Sykes, recommends that you perform a walk-through of your vessel and to make sure you have the proper safety equipment.

"Wear your life jacket, flares, fire extinguisher, alternate noise device whether that be a whistle  or an air horn.  A VHF radio is very important," said Sykes.

The radio is what one man did not have when he was rescued Monday night about 5 miles off of Indian Beach.  The man had been adrift for three days before someone on shore saw his flares.

"At that time, Marine Helicopter Pedro did a medevac and went ahead and pulled him off the boat," said Sykes.

TowBoat U.S. recommends that you have a personal location beacon on hand so that if you do go into the water you are easier to find.

"If you fall into the water, you can activate your PLB, and it immediately starts transmitting a GPS signal to your position," said Sykes.

Another way to stay safe on the water is to keep your eyes open for other boaters.

"Just watch what's going on around you.  Don't be in such a big rush that you're not looking to see what the other boaters are doing around you," said Sykes.

Keeping safe on the water will make your Memorial Day weekend a memorable one.

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