Rotary club is "Fed Up With Hunger"

0223 Fed up with Hunger

Craven County - The New Bern Rotary Club packaged 50,000 meals to give to Religious Community Services in New Bern as part of its annual "Fed Up with Hunger" campaign.

The Rotary Club launched the packaging project after talking with an organization called Outreach Incorporated. Outreach Incorporated aims to stop hunger across the globe. It provides a way for communities to donate food either overseas, or to people in need in their own backyard.

To celebrate the club anniversary, the Rotary Club decided to take on the packaging event, and asked the community to help. Around 600 volunteers arrived to help package rice, beans, and added nutrients into distributable bags.

The meals cost 25 cents a piece to make, and will grouped in sets of six to be distributed to families at the food pantry.

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