Rock salt and brine are necessary during a winter storm to keep our roads safe, but your car could end paying the price.

"All the components that are metal, salt attaches to them and it rust them," Colony Tire Assistant Manager Josh Bosse said.

He said the salt applied on the roadways can cause major body and undercarriage damage if not taken care of right away. Bosse said the salt can rust your fuel line, cause your brake lines to come apart and even cause your paint to chip.

"The longer you let salt go on a surface that is not protected it's going to corrode it. The long you wait, 6 to 7 months the corrosion has already started," he explained.

Bosse said just spraying your car down with a water hose will not prevent the rust from forming. He said the best way to clean your car is to go to a car wash that offers an undercarriage cleaning that will pressure wash underneath your car into all the tight places.

With the treacherous roads we've dealt with over the past couple of days, rock salt is not the only concern for your car.

"If you drive down any of our roads that have ice on them with potholes on it, the divots in the ice create instability and you're bouncing back and forth, well that can knock your alignment," Bosse said.