Richlands mom wants more security at schools

RICHLANDS - One week after the deadly shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, a local mom is asking for more security at her child's school.

"That could happen anywhere," said Ida Miller. "Nothing is stopping it from happening here."

Miller has a child at Richlands High School, Trexler Middle School, and Richlands Elementary School.  Miller said she's concerned because there's no School Resource Officer at the town's elementary schools. "The high school and Trexler Middle have security officers ... but the primary and the elementary school do not," said Miller.

Suzie Ulbrich, Onslow County School's Public Information Assistant, confirmed in a statement that there are no School Resource Officers at the elementary schools. "The SRO officers in the Richlands schools nearby serve the elementary schools when and if they are needed," said Ulbrich. "We have and will continue to be proactive when it comes to student safety."

Miller said she would like to see an officer in each of Onslow County's 37 schools. Miller said is still haunted by last weeks massacre. "It's heartbreaking to know that your teacher may be the last one to tell your child anything," said Miller.

NewsChannel 12 asked school board officials about the general policy regarding school resource officers in Onslow County's 37 schools. We're waiting to hear back.


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