Retired alderman sues New Bern, asks for lifetime health insurance

NEW BERN - A former New Bern alderman is asking for lifetime health insurance coverage from the city in a lawsuit against the current Board of Aldermen.

Robert Raynor Jr. served on the Board of Aldermen for approximately 24 years before leaving the Board in 2009, according to his lawsuit.

At the time of his departure, a city ordinance granted lifetime health insurance to Board of Aldermen retirees who had served at least 16 years, according to his suit.

The current board, after Raynor's departure, voted to reverse that ordinance "with malice," according to Raynor.

His lawsuit asks for health insurance, recovery of health care costs incurred since he left the Board, as well as punitive damages, among other things.

A phone message left for a city spokesperson was not immediately returned.

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