Restauranteur: We're getting the boot

Owner says she's been told a Buffalo Wild Wings is moving in

Restauranteur: We're getting the boot

NEW BERN - The owners of a Chinese restaurant say they've been told by New Bern Mall management that they're getting the boot just months after signing a five-year lease.

Linda Lin, who owns Peking Garden Express with her husband, said Thursday that they received notice from the owners of the mall that they have 75 days to leave the location.

Lin said she signed a new lease with the mall only a few months ago. That lease was supposed to run five years, but instead they're being asked to leave by Aug. 28.

"When I got notice, I couldn't believe (it)," Lin said. "I worry; I can't sleep. I called my mom, I said I don't know what I'm going to do."

In seeking answers as to why she's being asked to leave, Lin said she was told that a new Buffalo Wild Wings needs the space occupied by her restaurant for its kitchen.

Lin said her family has run that restaurant for about two years, and she's not ready to leave.

"I wish I can stay, but (the New Bern Mall says) they've already signed the lease with the other company," Lin said.

John Gibson, one of the owners of the New Bern Mall, said there is a deal in the works for an incoming Buffalo Wild Wings. He would not release many details about the deal, but said there have been documents signed. Gibson said it's likely the restaurant will start moving into the mall space by the end of summer.

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