Residents of a senior living center learn they must move out

Residents of a senior living center learn they must move out

MOREHEAD CITY, CARTERET COUNTY - People at a senior living center in Morehead City recently learned they have until August 30th to move out. The owners of Harborview Towers said due to financial reasons, both residents and some employees must go.

On July 19th, residents received a letter stating the facility will close on August 30th. The decision affects two dozen residents who live in Haborview Towers and around 10 employees.

Attorney Wes Collins of Harvell and Collins Law Firm in Morehead City is representing multiple people who are affected by the situation.

"These individuals who work hard for this money and accumulated a little bit of a nest egg, are now going to be told potentially they won't get hardly any of that nest egg back. That's a hard pill to swallow for these folks," Collins said.

Collins said many are suing, stating breach of contract to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in occupancy fees. He said under the terms of the contract most residents are entitled to 80 percent of the occupancy fee.

"It's been indicated that Harborview is not necessarily going to repay that fee and it's created serious concerns," he said.

We tried contacting a representative from Harborview Towers for a comment.  They released this statement: "Both Harborview Enterprises and the Jernigan family are saddened by the economic events that have created the current situation. The company and the Jernigans have worked for many years to make Harborview Towers a place that is loved and cherished by its residents and their families."

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