Residents complain about dam nuisance

CRAVEN COUNTY - Residents in one neighborhood are blaming beavers for a series of Bachelor's Creek floods along New Liberty Road in Craven County.

It's been going on for the past few years, residents say, and dams created by the beavers have caused more than $150,000 in damages for some over the past five years.

In trying to get something done about it, neighbors say they've been getting the runaround by city, county and state officials.

"We would like to get the beaver dams out," John Watford said. "We would like to get it cleaned up; we would like for somebody to listen."

One spokesperson for the county said that the creek is considered private property, and homeowners are responsible for clearing out the dams.

Adding to concerns, residents say the development of the Craven Thirty is not helping their problem. Homeowner Kerry Ensly says there are plans to install water retention ponds on each side of US Hwy 70 which could cause water to overflow into Bachelor's Creek. But developers said those plans have not been finalized.

Residents say they plan to take their issue to an upcoming commissioners meeting later this month.

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