Researchers track another white shark off Eastern Carolina coast

OCEARCH video: The tagging of Katharine

CAPE LOOKOUT, CARTERET COUNTY - Mary Lee isn't the only great white shark prowling the coast of Eastern Carolina. Researchers are also tracking another shark- "Katharine."

(Photo courtesy: OCEARCH)

According to OCEARCH, Katharine is a 14-foot-2-inch, 2,300-pound white shark. As of 5:24 a.m. Monday, she was south of Cape Lookout.

Katharine was originally tagged off Cape Cod, Mass., on Aug. 20, OCEARCH reported. She was named after Katharine Lee Bates, a Cape Cod native and songwriter.

(Photo courtesy: OCEARCH)

Katherine swam past Cape Hatteras over the weekend, according to OCEARCH. Her current location south of Cape Lookout is about 1,183 miles from where she was tagged.

(CLICK HERE to track Katharine.)

Here is another view of Katharine, courtesy of OCEARCH:

Katharine is not the only shark OCEARCH is tracking off the North Carolina coast.

"Mary Lee," a 16-foot white shark weighing 3,456 pounds, had been swimming up and down the North Carolina coast since late September. She was tracking off the coast of Wilmington in October, OCEARCH reported. But as of Dec. 16, her track is not appearing on the OCEARCH website.

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