Research shows that southern fried foods may raise your risk to have a stroke

Southern fried food may cause serious damage

CRAVEN COUNTY - A new study by the American Stroke Association shows that southern fried foods may raise your risk to have a stroke. 

If your diet consists of things like sweet tea, soda, fried chicken, fries and hamburgers researchers say you better beware.   

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute North Carolina is one of ten states that is now being labeled in the so called "stroke belt."

Jeff Passot says he knows fried foods are bad but doesn't plan on cutting back anytime soon.

"I weight 280 pounds, I can't attribute all of that to fried food, but certainly a portion of that is because of the way i eat," said Passot. 

On Thursday at the International Stroke Conference, researchers found that people who eat this kind of food six times a week had a 41% higher stroke risk than people who ate fried foods once a month.

Sue Eubanks said she agrees with the study.

"I think it's like anything else as long as you do it in moderation that you can get good southern food but also put in your fruits and vegetables," said Eubanks.

The study strictly focuses on diet, even though several other factors can make you predisposed to strokes.

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