Rescuers remember Bounty shipwreck

Rescuers remember Bounty shipwreck (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

RODANTHE - With hurricane season underway, a program on the Outer Banks was a reminder of a recent disaster at sea.

Three U.S. Coast Guard members who were part of the HMS Bounty rescue spoke Wednesday in Rodanthe.

Dozens gathered at the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station, off Highway 12, to hear the rescuers tell their stories from the day last October when the Bounty shipwrecked off our coast.

The ship went down during Hurricane Sandy.

One of the rescuers recently had a reunion with members of the Bounty crew.

"[The Bounty crew talked about] how thankful they were for me doing my job that I'm supposed to do," said AMT Michael Lufkin.

"It was real humbling," Lufkin said.

Two of the 16 people aboard the Bounty did not survive.

Captain Robin Walbridge was never found; Claudene Christian, a crew member, was found but later pronounced dead.

Christian's mother filed a lawsuit in federal court -- suing the Bounty's owner, Robert Hansen and the HMS Bounty organization.

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