Representative Jones weighs in on military budget crisis

Military could face budget cuts

-- Havelock - Havelock residents are worried about the effects of budget cuts that could amount to $1.2 trillion.

US House Representative Walter Jones was in Havelock to talk about the Budget Control Act, which makes provisions for something called a sequestration.

"The ramifications are very serious, very serious," Rep. Jones said.

Sequestration is automatic spending cuts the national government will have to make when the 112th congress ends.

A George Mason University study shows a loss 11,895 jobs just in North Carolina due to the cuts. Those jobs are military based civilian and contractor jobs.

"It will significantly cut Eastern North Carolina because we have that huge military population," Erik Anderson said. Anderson is running against Rep. Jones for the US House seat.

Congress can avoid the sequestration by passing a budget or pushing the deadline back to June.

It is unknown how exactly the cuts will effect military bases in Eastern North Carolina.

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