Reporter fine after fainting, falling backwards on live TV

Reporter fine after fainting, falling backward on live TV

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - Anything can happen on live TV.

Salt Lake City reporter Brooke Graham was in the middle of a live interview on the slopes Monday, and was wearing cross country skis, when she passed out and fell backward.

But after a few seconds of being down, she hopped up again and continued the interview.

In a blog post, Graham wrote she's known to faint any time she's in an area of high altitude and gets too cold. She wrote when she sat up, she had no idea how long she'd been out. But she saw the camera pointed at her face and decided to keep talking.

Graham's station,  KUTV, posted the video on its Youtube page.

"Reporter Brooke Graham works six days a week and is one of our hardest workers," the video's description reads. "She is doing fine following this instance and has given us permission to post the video on her behalf."

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