Report: Woman's dogs help chase off attacker

GRIFTON - Deputies in Pitt County are investigating a home invasion that happened while a woman was letting her dogs outside. During the attack, deputies said, the woman's three children -- all younger than 12 -- were inside the home.

Deputies said it happened just after midnight on Joe Gardner Road, off St. Johns Road near Grifton.

Deputies said a woman was letting her two dogs out around midnight.  When they started barking, she tried to get them back inside. At that time a man came from around the corner and forced her into her home, according to a report.

Authorities said the woman told them she was forced to take three unknown pills. She told deputies the man then pushed her to the ground and tried to take off her clothes. She was able to fight him off, and she told deputies her dogs helped chase the man out of the house. The woman did not get a good description of the man because his face was covered, deputies said.

Authorities say they took the woman to the hospital and are awaiting toxicology results in reference to the three pills she took.

Deputies said they are investigating the incident as an attempted first-degree burglary.

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