Rental Home Full Of Mold, No Help From Landlord

Rental Home Full Of Mold, No Help From Landlord Video

BRIDGETON - A Bridgeton couple is searching for answers to a mold problem inside their rental home.

The couple moved into the home six months ago, and said mold has been spreading inside it ever since. It started in the bedroom and grew to the rest of the house, including the cupboards, floors and ceilings. The couple said the mold was so bad, mushrooms were growing in their bedroom.

"There's a hole about a foot wide and a foot long where all the rain is coming in," Jamie Williams, who rents the home with his wife, said.

Two tarps have to be used over the roof to keep the rain out. Williams said the rain leaks through the windows, causing the mold. He and his wife, Cherie, think it's a structural problem, which they say is the landlord's responsibility.

"The landlord didn't do what needed to be done to the trailer," Cherie said. "I think they just did a little something to make it look good so someone could move in."

Cherie said she contacted the landlord for help, but was told the home would not be repaired because the home is rented on a month-to-month basis.

The landlord, Sharon Parker, said she cannot afford the repairs, and the couple should move out of the home.

The County health department said it would remove the mold, but the Williams' cannot afford the repairs after.

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