Remembering Janie Queen one year later

Remembering Janie Queen one year later

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - It was in the afternoon of October 18, 2012 when Janie Queen, 20, left her job in Havelock but never made it home.

Janie's car ended up driving into Slocum Creek and submerged in 20 feet of water. First responders and witnesses attempted to save her. It is still unknown what caused the car Janie was driving to go off the road and into the creek. 

Janie graduated from Havelock High School in 2010.  Janie's mother Sandra Queen says dreamed of growing up and becoming a nurse just like her mom.

"It didn't matter how cute you were or popular you were or the kind of cloths you wore, she was nice to everyone and it really showed when she died," Queen said.

It was a story that hit the Havelock community hard. 

"My son Christopher had driven by the accident and he called me and said mom I just saw a car in the water that looked like Janie's," she said.

Queen said her husband went to see the wreck and her biggest fear became true.

"All I can remember is walking down the hall outside the nurses desk and I just stopped screamed my daughter died," she said.

Queen said Janie had just left work at the Carolina Grill, a few feet from where her car went into the creek.

"I mean it's not far enough she would have got up speed and lost control, we just don't know. There's just no reason for what happened," she said.

Queen said Janie came from a big loving family. She was one of seven siblings, five of which were adopted. Janie was the Queen's first foster child, and just a few years later became a permanent member of the family. Queen said Janie was also HIV positive but that never stopped her from living her life.

"New kids [at school] would be like oh, I heard she's HIV positive, and other kids who knew her and grew up with her would jump on them and say you don't talk about our Janie," Queen said.

Queen said she knows her daughter is watching from above.

"You know we're Christians. We know where she's at and we know we'll see her again," she said.

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