Reelsboro residents step up to fight crime

POSTED: 12:19 AM Nov 09 2013   UPDATED: 12:23 AM Nov 09 2013

Reelsboro residents are stepping up and speaking out against crime in their small community.

Reelsboro, located between New Bern and Bayboro, stretches for about six and a half miles down Highway 55. People who live in the area say in recent months they've noticed more crime happening in the area, and they want to do something about it.

So the area organized a community watch. The program is in its infancy, but the group is rapidly expanding.

"We have anywhere from 35 to 70 people at our meetings," said President Tommy Ireland. "We found out that there were a lot of crimes that had happened over the last couple years in the Reelsboro area that we were unaware of and that a lot of our citizens were unaware of. So one of the reasons why the community watch was organized was to communicate that information to our citizens."

According to documents given to NewsChannel 12 by the Pamlico County Sheriffs office, there have been at least 121 breaking and entering or larceny incidents, 19 damage to property cases and 11 drug related offenses since December of 2010.

People who live in the area appreciate the community watch program starting up.

"We don't have a place for this in our community," said Patrick Bucksot. He was a victim of a neighborhood larceny incident. "We all work hard for what we have."

The Reelsboro community watch program will have its next meeting on November 12 at the Reelsboro Fire Department at 7 p.m. Ireland says the group's goal is not to confront crime but to observe and report it. He encourages all those concerned about the area to attend the next meeting.