Record low temps Monday night could be even colder tonight

Less wind means less wind chill, but better radiational cooling

We set record low temperatures all over eastern North Carolina last night and it will get even colder tonight so expect more records to fall. Today we set new record LOW high temperatures across all of the east as well (that means we had the coldest ever high temperature for this date). Our lows were in the middle teens last night and highs were in the middle 20s today.

Tonight with clear skies and less wind (wind mixes the atmosphere and makes it hard for heat saved in the surface of the Earth to rise up through the wind and radiate away from the ground…..called radiational cooling) and that means very good conditions to get even colder than last night. I am forecasting low temperatures of 10-14 on the mainland, 14-18 on the rivers and sounds of the inner banks and 18-22 along the beaches.

Wednesday should be mostly sunny but there will be a few high clouds sliding across the sun especially the closer to the coast that you go. It will be another cold day, but not as cold as today. We should see high temperatures of 38-42 (normal high is 54).

Wednesday evening starts off clear but then some clouds roll in late night. It will be another very cold night with mainland low temps of 18-22 and 22-26 along the coast.

Thursday will start with some sunshine but as the day goes along clouds will roll in and then thicken up making us mostly cloudy by the afternoon and even the chance for a few stray showers by late afternoon. The chance for rain is only 20%. High temperatures will be milder as I am forecasting around 50 degrees,

Temperatures will get much warmer as we move through Friday and the weekend, but rain chances will increase on Friday and rain become likely for Saturday with scattered showers lingering through Sunday and Monday. We should be in the upper 60s on Saturday, 70 on Sunday and 72 on Monday.


Record-breaking low temperatures were set in many locations across Eastern Carolina Tuesday morning.

At least seven cities so far have tied or broken their records. Those cities include New Bern, Cape Hatteras, Williamston, Kinston, Bayboro, Morehead City and Washington. This is stage one in a three-part record-breaking event.

On Tuesday morning, cities along the mainland dropped to between 12 and 17 degrees. Along the coastal region, temperatures fell to between 18 and 20 degrees. While it was a chilly morning temperatures-wise, it was wind chill readings that were so bad. Wind Chill Advisories were in effect for the entire area until 10 a.m. Tuesday. Wind chill values reached -1 degree to 8 degrees across the region. A Wind Chill Advisory goes into effect when wind chill values (what it feels like on your skin, factoring in the winds) reach between 0 degree and -14 degrees, with winds equal to or greater than 10 mph.

Stage two and three of this record-breaking event will come Tuesday afternoon as highs are expected to remain below freezing. Record-cold high temperatures for most locations Tuesday are expected to be in the upper 20s and low to mid 30s. StormTrack 12 meteorologists are forecasting highs Tuesday to remain in the mid and upper 20s.  

Record-low temperatures are also possible for a lot of locations Wednesday morning, as lows are expected to drop between 12 degrees and 16 degrees inland, and 18 degrees to 22 degrees along the coast. 

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