Reaction divided to talk of new gun control

Reaction divided to talk of new gun control (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

PAMLICO COUNTY - Local reaction is divided to talk of new gun control laws in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting.

President Obama Wednesday urged the new Congress that convenes Jan. 3 to vote rapidly on measures that he says a majority of Americans support:

-Ban the sale of military-style assault weapons.         

-Ban the sale of high-capacity ammunition clips.      

-Require criminal background checks for all gun buyers by removing loopholes that cover some sales, such as at gun shows.

Bill Plumlee, owner of Pro Gun & Outdoor Sports in Bayboro, watched Obama's speech.

The president's statements are "some of the same type of conversation we've heard" after previous tragedies, Plumlee said.

The flag outside Plumlee's shop is at half-staff in honor of the Connecticut victims.

He opposes any new gun laws.

But a Pamlico County mother would support a new law in regards to the military-style assault weapons.

"I don't think that anybody, even in their own home, needs to own one," said Rosalind Gaskins.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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