Rainy summer leads to rapid lawn growth


NEW BERN - If it seems like your yard is out of control, you are not alone. Across the region front yards are looking more like wheat fields, and frequent daily downpours are to blame.

"I would say it's probably been one of the busiest years we ever had," says Eddie Jenkins, Owner of Mowing Buddies.

Local businesses say it's a big "one-eighty" from the summer of 2011.

"Last year we were in the drought wondering what we were gonna do, this year we were wondering how to keep up," Jenkins said.

Jenkins has been cutting grass professionally for over 10 years. He says lawns this year are growing twice as fast as usual.

Mowing Buddies' crew members say lawns that usually take them an hour, has been taking them two because tall grass is harder to cut.

"This year's been very busy," said D.W. Hamill, director of operations for Mowing Buddies, "We've had a lot of days where we are working 12- to 13-hour days."

A lot of their time is spent waiting for rain to stop. And despite the massive demand for lawn care, Eddie says it isn't all profit. The combination of overgrown yards and rain delays is a big cost to the service.

Nevertheless, Eddie is thankful for the rain and says he and his crews are optimistic about the remainder of the year.

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