Despite the chance for heavy rains, the town of Beaufort still expects a good turn out and no problems with the annual Pirate Invasion.

Beaufort Town Manager Charlie Burgess said the town has seen rain in July and August like it hasn't seen in 100 years. He estimated they've seen 20 to 30 inches of rain in just a few weeks time.

"When you're dealing with events that are not typical storm events, it's difficult to manage how the storm systems should work when the drainage systems themselves are not designed for those types of events," Burgess said.

Drainage systems backed up in the town in previous storm events. However, town employees cleaned out the drains with special equipment.

"It's imperative that this be drained out for [nearby] residential properties to have a chance of getting the waters off of their properties," Burgess said.

There are 10 to 12 storms drains in the town. With the drains clear, a weekend shower shouldn't cause any more problems, despite the saturated ground.