Quadriplegic marathoner brings message of hope

Quadriplegic marathoner brings message of hope

ATLANTIC BEACH - Paul Kelly was a young man when a pool accident left him paralyzed. It has been more than 35 years since that accident, and Kelly has found a way to help him cope with his disability and be an inspiration for others.

Kelly is a marathon runner. Or rather, he does marathons on a crank bike. Kelly's condition left him without the use of his legs and only partial use of his arms. A custom bike allows him to workout at speeds up to 30 miles per hour.

"It's been a life changing experience for me," Kelly said. "Well, I've always thought that taking part in a marathon would be something I would want to do, something that would be a challenge, something that would be a physical accomplishment."

Accomplishment is right, Kelly has completed 63 full and half marathons in his 7 years on the road. However, he didn't pedal those miles, or train so hard, only for himself.

"When I started my hand cycling and taking part in marathons, I thought my accomplishments should be something that benefits others," said Kelly.

During his marathon attempts, Kelly has $54,000 for Hope For The Warriors, a non-profit organization which benefits wounded veterans and their families.

Kelly plans to run the Run For The Warriors half marathon in Jacksonville on May 18th.

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