Project soars at West Craven

Students' project takes flight

Craven County - Students at West Craven Middle school watched their first ever hand-built RC Plane take flight after weeks of hard work. The project is part of a program called S.T.E.M., which teaches science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through physical projects. West Craven is one of only two schools in eastern Carolina that provide a S.T.E.M. class.

"We had to trip the edges of the plane so we could get it exactly right so it wouldn't like turn one way if you wanted it to go another way." said student Kevon Duchatllier.

This was the first year the 8th graders were able to build a fully functional RC planes. The aircraft is 58" long from wingtip to wingtip, and called "Wildcat 1" after the school's mascot, the Wildcats.

"I think we did a good job," said student Dallas Tolly.

Students and teachers alike say the project was an excellent way to teach mathematics, science and engineering. The plane took its maiden voyage on Friday, taking off and landing successfully.

"It could have crashed and it could have crashed on the first flight but it flew great." said TeacherĀ  John Scarfpin. "So for me that's that is a true test that is not an A,B,C,D,E, or F, it is, you know, we did something and it went off successfully."

After the flight, and during construction, members from the Southern Air RC club were there to help. Extra RC planes were brought along Friday, so students could learn another lesson, how to fly an airplane.

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