Problem intersection gets new light

Problem intersection gets new light

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Troopers say a busy intersection near Jacksonville is the site of up to 4 crashes a month, almost 50 crashes a year.

Some concerned citizens say if they don't get a traffic light soon, someone will be seriously hurt or killed.

We spoke to people who say this intersection is dangerous. They'd like to see DOT install a traffic light. We found out they just might get their wish.

"If there's anywhere that Needed a traffic light it's right here," said Odell Foy. He has a roadside fruit stand. Day after day he sells watermelons and day after day he watches close calls at the corner of Blue Creek Road and Highway 258 just outside Jacksonville.

"I can sit here and I've seen-20 or 30 minutes there will be over 100 cars. Some of them will line up through here and I'll count 15, 20 at a time waiting to get out on the road," said Foy.

"People get up to highway speed right away. As soon as they pass the traffic light they get to highway speed too quick and everybody's usually accelerating while they come through here," said Greg DiCarlo.

He lost his son four years ago on Highway 258 just a little ways up the road. That intersection has a light now. He says, this one needs a light too.

"It's dangerous for me to get out there but if my wife needs to get out into the road I worry about her all the time," said DiCarlo.

State Highway Patrol says this intersection is above average for crashes. In fact, according to them there are up to 4 a month. The last fatality here happened in 2012.

The Department of Transportation agrees that there needs to be traffic control. They plan to install a light and realign Blue Creek Road with Ridge Road.

But until that work starts, Foy says people will continue to avoid the intersection.

"It'd be shorter to come through this way. but it's dangerous. So I go to the traffic light at 53 to go to town," said Foy.

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