Pro-Wrestling comes to Havelock

Pro-Wrestling comes to Havelock

Craven County - Those dreaming of becoming a national professional wrestler need look no farther than Havelock. Shockwave  Wrestling Entertainment run by Rick Garrett, is holding tryouts for young hopefuls now more than ever.

Shockwave has been in Havelock for years. Each month, the Wrestling group holds a match at the Havelock Recreation Center. Matches are held for charity or for sport.

"We try to use everything we can, even our bodies to help out the community as much as we can." said Garrett.

The match, coming up on February 23rd, will debut three new woman wrestlers, Dementia, D'Rose, and Sonic Boom. It will also feature Shockwave's youngest local girl Katie Taylor, A.K.A. Pure Perfection. Taylor has high hopes.

"(I want) to become a professional wrestler, like WWE or something." said Taylor.

Taylor will be able to meet the 2012 allied independent wrestling federations' woman wrestler of the year, Fantasia, will be at the match.

All matches held are family friendly, meaning no vulgarity or inappropriate outfits. For more information click here.

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