Private road for sale, valued at $20

Private road for sale, valued at $20 (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

ONSLOW COUNTY - A private road in Onslow County is for sale, and its value is listed as $20, records show.

Onslow County owns the road property; it's of nearly 19 properties that county has designated as "surplus property."

All 19 properties are for sale to the highest bidder.

The dirt-cheap dirt road is an unnamed road off of Pickett Road, south of Jacksonville.

There are several houses on road.

Onslow County acquired the property for approximately $1,200 during a 2007 foreclosure sale, a deed shows.

The market value of the property is $20, as listed on county records.

Its zoning is listed as "right of way."

For information on how to bid on the property, call the Onslow County Purchasing Department at (910) 455-1750.

CLICK HERE to look at the list of available properties.

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