Prison Closed After Hurricane Damage

PAMLICO COUNTY - Correctional officers are among those working to repair the Pamlico Correctional Institution after it sustained damage during Hurricane Irene.

The storm tore off parts of the roof and areas of the prison were flooded Saturday morning.

More than 550 inmates were evacuated, sometimes through a foot of standing water in the prison.

"Water was running from the roof," Faye Daniels, the facility's superintendent, said.

Transportation workers had to cut trees blocking the roads Saturday to clear a path for the buses carrying the inmates away from the hurricane zone, Daniels said.

The inmates are being held at other prisons in the state as work continues at the facility, outside Bayboro.

One of the officers is on cleanup duty at work and at home.

John Riggs' Florence home was damaged during the storm.

"Duties at the prison come first, because of the security and all," Riggs said.

The prison should be repaired and fully operation in one month, Daniels said.

There is not an estimate of the dollar-value of the damage at the prison.

No one was injured.

Inmates in Hyde and Tyrrell County were evacuated before the storm.

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