Possible zoning changes in Cedar Point raise concerns

Possible zoning changes in Cedar Point raise concerns

CEDAR POINT, CARTERET COUNTY - A proposal to change the zoning law of one Carteret County town has some residents worried.

Those who live in Magens Bay, a gated community in Cedar Point, said they are concerned that recently-proposed zoning changes could bring hotels or motels nearby, which would hurt property values.

Cedar Point officials said the planning board approved a proposal for zoning changes in February. The plan calls for a change in text to the zoning laws, which would allow a portion of land adjacent to the neighborhood to be zoned commercially, allowing hotels and motels.

That land is already zoned commercially, but hotels and motels are not permitted in the area.

The new plan on the zoning changes won't take effect unless commissioners accept it.

Ed McDonald has been living in Magens Bay since 1995. He said he's worried that the area could be developed to have tall buildings, which could have a clear view into his neighborhood. McDonald said those in his community value their privacy.

"I think the developer appeared before the planning board in their last meeting, and went down from four stories to three stories," McDonald said. "Still, that's taller than what we would like to see. People looking down into our backyards."

"We understand that it would be developed, but we would just like to see it developed under the guidelines of the [current] zoning," McDonald added.

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